Creating a premium design
for a premium product.


The need for quality products rises over the years, as customers are getting more knowledgable and can create informed decisions when buying products. At the same time a product branding should reflect the quality that the product represents and that was my challenge when I started thinking about the Divine Premium EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

For the brand and later the web design the result had to reflect that this product is produced by small farms, however the quality is really high. Divine Premium EVOO has one of the lowest acidities in Olive Oil, coming from olives grown on the mountain of Olympus, in northern Greece.


The main segment for this brand is customers who are acquainted with olive oil and experienced in tasting quality olive oils. At the same time, people who want to try the difference of high quality olive oil and people who want to add a touch of premium quality in their foods. This correlates to the fact that every year there is only 2000 bottles of Divine, because of the fact that the olive trees that produce this are limited and unspoiled, to ensure the highest of quality.

The company has 4/5 different lines of production with Divine being the hightest quality & then there are others that span from olive oil for everyday usage, to a bit less premium than Divine.



This project started with the branding. The logo had to reflect the quality and pureness. I chose bold letters for one of my favorite free fonts, Bree. The only detail that I wanted to add to the font was to change the "v" and interconnect 2 olive leaves that formed the letter. The result was good, and pleasing for the customer so then we moved to the next phase. 

The next part included packaging. The company has chosen a bottle from Germany, premium quality as well, and solid/thick structure. I wanted to design this brand with Less is More so that the actual product can reflect it's own quality. Therefore, I did not include any background in the label but rather use "copper" color on top of the olive oil that formed a background naturally, when the bottle is filled. Even when the bottle would be almost empty, still the "copper" color of the logo and letters would still be shown.

The outside packaging that would hold the bottle inside had to be also considered so I went with a black layout. The copper letters were fitting nicely there as well, as they made subtle blending into the black color and gave the idea of gold letters. The company liked the idea and they found a printer that could create the box. 

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As finishing touches for the product we added a thin see-through line that enclosed the box and had embosed brail characters that read Divine Premium EVOO. Another detail to add up to the quality is including a piece of small circle-cut wood of olive tree, glued on the bottle. There was also a corn screw, as well as a "regulator" to prevent excessive flow by accident.

To give the project the same experience online, I have designed the website with big imagery and the products in prominent place. The company took many good pictures of food cooked with the olive oils they produce which we also used for the recipe section that they suggested traditional Greek foods that made great use of the olive oils.


The product came out and it exceeded my personal expectations. In my opinion it really translated quality and value and the final result was a solid product, heavy and elegant. The product was awarded Gold Award in NYIOOC 2015 as well as Best Packaging award (Prestige Gold) in Terraolivo 2015 in Israel.

Key findings

  • Product Design and User experience should not only be used on digital products & services
  • Creating a holistic image for a product with a website is a process that encompasses different aspects of the Human-Centered Design
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