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Product Design

Examples of UI Prototypes and Designs that I have been designing over the years. Below is a selected list of example UI prototypes for apps and products. These examples utilize UI Design done in Sketch and they are a result of a full design process (Discovery - Exploration - Prototyping - Delivery).

Aika - Podcast aggregator app

Cellu - App with virtual numbers for businesses

Aalto Ventures Program - Web Design Prototype

Hubchat - An online service for communities

OurCNC - Peer-to-peer car rental app

Gizlo - App for customer recommendations & royalty

Musicinfo - A music information aggregator service

Web Design

Examples of web design done throughout the years, mostly as a freelance gigs. These examples utilize Wordpress and a customized theme to achieve customer needs.

Aalto Ventures Program - Web design in Wordpress

Junction Hackathon - Web design in Wordpress

JKL Tattoo - Web Design in Wordpress

Nature Blessed - Web Design in Wordpress

TOCI Method - Web Design in Wordpress

Nauka - Web Design in Wordpress

Branding & Visual Design

Examples of Branding, packaging and logotypes done throughout the years. Branding was my first introduction into the world of design and it is a valuable asset for me as a professional.

Musicinfo - Branding & Logo Design

Tubettajat - Logo Design

Divine - Branding & Logo Design

Divine EVOO - Award winning Branding & Packaging

LUV NORTH - Logo Design

Bigture - Logo Design

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