Independent Consultancy

I help with future-proofing design teams through strategy and operations so that organizations can amplify the value that designers bring to the table.

State of DesignOps

Global Survey

The de-facto industry benchmarking report of DesignOps. With data from over 400 companies worldwide, you will gain foresight on how professionals are transforming organizations.

Joint Frontiers

Online publication / Magazine

Joint Frontiers is a community-driven design publication. It is a safe space where we advance design, not only in terms of professionals becoming better at their craft, managerial, and leadership skills but also in terms of exploring, speculating, and designing futures where design becomes better.

'Human, The Designer'


A podcast exploring the origin stories of designers and what makes them passionate about their profession.

Documenting Design

Online resource

Here you will find useful resources on DesignOps curated by Angelos Arnis on the behalf of the global community of DesignOps professionals.

Holistic Design on Substack


Taking a multi-angled view at the different levels that design operates, and interacts, with business and society, while trying to understand it as a complex system.

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