The Evolution of Joint Futures Conference

The Rosenfeld Review with Louis Rosenfeld

In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Lou and I discuss the evolving landscape of design professionals’ needs, and how the Joint Futures Conference has changed to suit them. Rosenfeld Media was a key partner at Joint Futures in 2019, offering four full-day workshops (Jina Anne, Patrick Quattlebaum, Kristin Skinner, Nathan Shedroff)

Introduction to Joint Futures

Joint Futures podcast with Angelos Arnis & Dave Malouf

Welcome to listen all about Joint Futures from a casual conversation between Dave Malouf, a design leader at Group of Humans and Angelos Arnis, a DesignOps lead at Elisa Oyj. A team of design professionals including Dave and Angelos are working hard to make this conference a reality and we are excited to welcome you in this auditory journey through Joint Futures and the topics we try to cover. Also a lot of mistakes and glitches, so buckle up!

Joint Futures Conference 2019 / Preview

The Service Design Show with Marc Fonteijn

In this episode of The Service Design Show, I join Marc to give an inside scoop for what we were planning for Joint Futures conference that took place in September 2019, in Helsinki.

Towards Holistic Design

Joint Futures pre-event at Helsinki

What is the value of design? This question is overwhelmingly bounced around, not only on social media like design twitter, but also in meetings, in product teams, and in companies’ strategic steering groups. Rightly so, we all need to understand — even designers — the real value that design creates. To understand design holistically we need to observe and operate in multiple levels identified as craft, operations, and strategy.    

Is DesignOps for you?

Nudging Pixels with Elina Korpela & Maya Pillai

DesignOps helps companies invest in design by operationalizing their workflow, hiring, alignment between teams, and more so that designers are able to focus on design work and let someone else take control of the rest. But who really needs DesignOps? When’s the right time to start thinking about it, and how does one even get started? I am joined by Sonja Krogius, Lead Designer at Nordkapp, to discuss DesignOps, the DesignOps meetup in Helsinki and more.

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